Pinky and the Floyd

Pinky was founded in 2007, and has seen very few personnel changes over the years. Instead, this grass-roots effort has exploded in popularity, selling out shows across the state. They put on an amazing live show that’s both note-for-note and improvisational, but it’s their superb musicianship that sets them apart from other Tribute Bands. The energy and stage presence is unprecedented!

All Pinky members are professional working musicians, assembled from genres across the board, culling their expertise to produce what has clearly proven to be a successful musical venture. All told, there are over 20 bands that the members of Pinky and the Floyd are part of, spanning genres from Americana & Vintage Swing to Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Salsa, Funk, Rock, Blues and on and on… They see their varied backgrounds as strength in
diversity, knowing that each member “…unconsciously affects the overall sound. As players, musicians & artists, whatever you’ve got comes with you…” And between the 10 of them, they have a lot!

Pinky and the Floyd has a big sound and is an experience not soon forgotten. You can expect albums in their entirety, and a little something from every Floyd genre- from Syd Barrett to Division Bell, and everything in between! Tell your friends, and time your buzz! It’s a party!

Pinky and the Floyd calls Montana home, but has recently been called the Northwest’s Hottest Pink Floyd Tribute Band! The band has also been called “Montana’s Most Electrifying Live Experience.

“The momentum that this 9 piece carries through each song and throughout the night is more than enough to keep the crowd bated, hoping to hear their favorite Floyd tune. They respect each note, whether it’s a note-for-note rendition of “Fearless” or a driving jam segment of their own creation. The energy is high, the sound is full, and the band is drenched in talent. The all-star lineup does a great job of making their performance look easy, and it’s obvious that Pink Floyd is deep seeded in each of them.” 


“Hands down, the best show we have been to! Thank you for making our 4-hour drive worth while!”